About Us


The 1960's brought about social change and innovative state policy which would change the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities and challenge the citizens living in Alexandria. At that time, people with developmental disabilities had two choices; live at home with no services or live in an institution.  A new law in 1968 allowed for county and city governments in Virginia to form Community Services Boards with state funds, effectively creating the organization we are today. 

We also were able to begin to provide an alternative more independent way to live for those served by the Community Services Board – those with intellectual and developmental disabilities, as well as those recovering from substance abuse and mental illness. Sheltered Homes of Alexandria, a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization was formed to acquire homes in which CSB clients can live in the community with support.  

We bought the first home, in 1974, the Braddock Road Home for Men, the first group home established in Alexandria and the third group home in the state of Virginia.  

Since then, with the support of the Federal, State, and local government, we have gone on to own or build 8 group homes housing 51 people and another 29 apartments or condos housing another 87 people.